Performance & voice coaching

Performance coaching to enhance the dynamism of the spoken voice and overall performance in everyday interactions both live or virtual: meetings, presentations, seminars, TED-Talk, interview. Since the pandemic, I also offer specialised training in virtual communication skills (Zoom and Co.) and speech skills for masks.

My clients' career paths are influenced by their performances on their own individual "stages". Specifically, the ability to use vocal and physical presence to motivate, inspire or even entertain an audience is a key personal success factor in any business.

Customer feedback

„Tracey schafft es, spielerisch leicht in jederzeit kurzweiligen Sessions an die Wurzeln der persönlichen Schwächen vorzudringen, um sich diese bewusst zu machen, mit gezielt eingesetzten Methoden zu bearbeiten und schließlich abzumindern. Es war für mich eine interessante und gleichzeitig spannende Erfahrung. Ich hoffe, zukünftig erneut in den Genuss eines Coachings bei ihr zu kommen!“
Reiko Schlager

„I'm working with Tracey to improve public speaking and general communication skills. It’s not only fun to work with her but she has technical skills most other communication coaches don’t have, because she's also a drama and voice instructor. Whether via Zoom or in person, if you want to improve your communication skills, I highly recommend choosing Tracey.“
Margaret Amein

„It was a great workshop and so amazing to see how much you can achieve with your voice in such a short time using some simple techniques.“
Workshop participant Dec 2020

Some of my clients

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently."
Maja Angelou, author

More infos about online voice coaching

Use my voice coaching to significantly improve your speaking skills. Together we will identify your needs and goals and set up your individual voice coaching plan. You will then release your potential in five to ten focussed training sessions.

Currently, with most communication happening online, your voice plays a crucial role in any virtual dialogue. Discover and activate your natural resources with my voice online coaching and learn how to deliver your message in the best way.

No matter where you work or how you want to use your voice, this online voice coaching will unleash your speaking potential.



... helping someone realise their potential is deeply satisfying. As an empathetic, creative and honest facilitator, I am able to bring out more than the clients expect of themselves.

I was guest at the ESL Breakroom podcast

Virtual conferencing is a massive part of our business life now. We all need to adapt and adjust our skillset. In the podcast I explain how, within my virtual presence coaching, I use the method of purposeful speaking to fill words with meaning through voice activation. I also talk about how to use the camera to your advantage and give tips on how to get your point across.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify

Stage access

Every year I support a handful of young people who aspire to a career in the performing arts industry. I am a certified performing arts teacher (by the Hessische Kultusministerium). I offer an advanced audition preparation for competitive entry into full-time theatre education. Many of my students have entered top European theatre schools and started successful careers.


Tracey Grey

actor, presenter, coach

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